How To Get Massive Amount Of Profitable Website Traffic From Google Adwords

One of the most powerful traffic sources you can use in your internet business is Google Adwords. Sure some people have been banned & had issues, but the reality is that if you use it the right way and play by the rules your going to greatly increase your chances of having a lot of success with this source.

I have been able to get well over 1,000,000 visitors to my small niche market websites using Google Adwords over the years and have been able to weather their changes. Once you get a good understanding of how this source works and how to make it work to your advantage – you can literally dominate your market & make a lot of money.

Not only that, because of the fact that Adwords has so much traffic – your going to be able to build a massive email newsletter list that you can go on to sell multiple products to over time & increase your income even more. I have been able to build newsletter lists of over 200,000 subscribers over the years just from my Adwords traffic.

Here’s 4 Things You Need To Know If You Want
To Get Massive Amounts Of Traffic From Google Adwords

First – You Have To Pick One Of The Networks To Start With – Not Both:


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This is probably the biggest mistake I see most internet marketers making when they are starting out with this traffic source in their niche market. What they do is they will focus on using both the Content & Search network both at the exact same time. Not only that, they will setup the ad campaign the exact same way for both the Search & Content network… NOT SMART!

The reason that you are going to want to make sure you split up your Search & Content network campaigns is because they are both different. So different that you are going to want to make sure you start with one of them first, get it profitable and then leverage your profits to getting the other network going.

The search network is going to give you traffic from Google’s search engine & the content network is going to give you traffic from other sites who are syndicating Google ads on their sites in their content. But the important thing that you have to realize is that the visitor is going to be different for both of the networks.

Someone who is searching Google’s search engine is looking for something related to you or your market. But someone who is on a content site and see’s your ad is not exactly looking for you. So the searcher is going to be different and therefore the ads are going to need to be different if you want to maximize your conversions.

Just make sure you pick one of the networks first, maximize your profits on it and then move to the next network.

Second – Don’t Pay The Stupid Tax

This is the tax you pay when you start out using Adwords and don’t pay attention to your testing and tracking. You have to realize that if you just load up your account and let it go, your going to end up wasting a massive amount of money on keywords and traffic that is not going to convert to buyers for you.

Adwords is so big and has such a huge reach that your not going to want to try and “carpet bomb” them and think your going to make some good money. Way back in 2005 I was able to load up 2,000 keywords into an ad group, turn it on, get $0.05 clicks and make a massive profit.

But those days are long gone & if you tried that strategy now days you’d dramatically increase your chances of getting banned by Google.

So make sure you focus on tracking everything that you are doing with Adwords. Your going to have some waste when you are starting out because your just trying to figure it all out and figure out how to crack the code in your niche market. So, don’t worry about that.

But make sure you have your tracking setup so you know exactly which keywords are making you money, giving you conversions and which ones are not. That way you can cut the waste and then reinvest that money back into getting more traffic from the keywords that are working.

It sounds brain dead simple, but what you have  to realize is that most marketers don’t do this. They pay the stupid tax because they simply hope that if they turn on the traffic – they’ll make more then they are spending.

That is obviously true IF YOU optimize your campaign, but if you leave it – your going to be in trouble and end up giving Google A LOT of money.

Third – Bridge The Conversation Your Visitors Are Having In Their Heads (This Is HUGE)

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This is the one thing that most internet marketers DON’T do and it gets them into a lot of trouble. What you have to realize is that when some is searching for something in Google they are thinking about that thing they are searching for.

Then if they see your ad that connects with what they are thinking about, they are likely going to click on it and go to your landing page. Then if your landing page is still carrying on that conversation and is an extension of what they have been thinking about, your going to get a lead or a customer.

It’s pretty simple! The problem is that most people don’t do this when they are using Google Adwords. What most marketers will do is write an ad that tries to convince the searcher to click on their and and then once they get them to their site they then hard sell them to take an action on their landing page.

That works fine for a small amount of traffic, but if you do that your going to diminish your conversion rate because your trying to hard and you are forcing people to buy or deal with you.

You have to remember the old saying, “People hate to be sold, but they LOVE to buy!” That is the same thing with Adwords… The better job you can do at continuing that conversation they are having in their heads all the way through your sales process – the more money you are going to make and the more your going to help your market.

Not only that, you should see a lot better metrics in your Adwords account in terms of click through rate, exc. And when you can show Google really good metrics – they tend to reward you with more and more traffic.

Four – Start Small & Scale Up VS Starting Huge And Going Broke

Most people get so excited about the fact that they are going to get a massive amount of visitors from Google that they start out really big and try and hit a home run the first month they use Adwords in their niche market. Just because you can get 5,000 visitors a day to your site right way does not mean you should.

The problem with starting out with a “bang” and going big right away is the fact that you have not figured out your metrics yet in terms of how much you have to pay per click so you can still make a profit. So you need to make sure you start out smaller and get 100 visitors a day for the first while until you figure out your profit numbers.

Once you figure out how much your making in income for every visitor who is coming to your site, your then going to be able to start really scaling things up and get more and more visitors. But if you do it this way – your going to be doing it from a point of profit and not from a point of racking up your credit card because you hope it is going to workout for the best.

Make sure you realize that you still can get a massive amount of traffic from Google and it is a great source if you use it the right way and do the things that most marketers are not willing to do. If you can do this you should be rewarded with a massive amount of traffic & hopefully you’ll build a very profitable internet business.

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