How To Buy Website Traffic For Cheap

The bottom line with getting more visitors to your site is your eventually going to want to move beyond the free traffic that you can get online and start adding in paid sources as well. Sure you can get a lot of traffic from the search engines, but that the same time – you have to do a lot of work to get that traffic so it is not exactly free!

Not only that, eventually you will max out in terms of the amount of visitors you can get to your site with your free traffic sources (search engines). And in that case your going to have to make sure you grow it with paid traffic.

Here’s 4 Strategies For Getting Website Visitors
To Your Internet Business For Cheap

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First – Overcome Your Fear Of Buying Traffic:

One of the biggest problems most online marketers have when it comes to getting paid visitors is the fact that they are completely terrified of paying for website traffic. The reason for this is that most online guru’s don’t focus on paid source & actually teach against it.

A lot of guru’s out there make a point to tell people they get all their visitors and make all their online money from “free traffic sources”. And so most internet marketers think that buying visitors is somehow going to be a bad thing that they should avoid.

Not only that, a lot of internet marketers hear stories about others who have tried buying traffic and got burned. But the reality is that the person who got burned probably was new and did not know what they were doing.

You have to realize that if you know what you are doing and if you do it right – you can make A MASSIVE amount of money with paid traffic. I’ve personally gotten well over 1,000,000 visitors to my niche sites from paid traffic over the years (not including the free SEO visitors).

So stop being afraid of investing in your online business. If you are going to make your business work you need to start “playing to win” verses “playing to lose”.

Second – Understand Your Numbers (This is the secret)

Most people think free traffic meaning going out and buying clicks on Google Adwords for $0.01 each and then figuring out how to make money from those visitors. The problem with that strategy is that not only is it stupid, its also not even realistic.

SIDENOTE: Lets just say you can get visitors for $0.05 a click and you only make $0.10 a click from those visitors in terms of income from products you sell, exc… So you are essentially doubling your money from the traffic you are getting. But what if you could pay $0.40 a click and make $1.50 a click back in terms of income from those visitors?

Now your making about a 380% return on your investment! Your almost quadrupling the amount of money you are spending on getting those visitors.

So what is better? Digging around the internet looking for $0.01 clicks or figuring out how to buy traffic for $0.40 and making $1.50 back in income from those visitors?

“How To Tell If The Traffic In Your
Market Is “Cheap” Or “Overpriced”

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$0.01 Traffic IS NOT CHEAP… That’s STUPID!

Cheap traffic means getting visitors for a lot less then your making from them in terms of sales & income. In some markets $1 per visitor (or click) is going to be cheap and in other markets $0.20 is going to be cheap. Every market or niche is going to be a bit different.

Once you figure out your numbers your going to better understand how much you can afford to pay on a per click basis in order to still make a profit from your ad campaigns. What if you are new and have a new site or are in a new market? That is not a problem – just start small and figure out your numbers on a small scale.

Third – Always Start With ONE Source First (Here’s why this is so important)

The bottom line is that eventually you are going to want to have multiple streams of traffic coming to your site so you can be diversified and become immune to changes. If you have 4 sources and one goes down, you still are going to be getting visitors to your site from 3 other sources.

But your going to have to start with one source first. One of the mistakes a lot of internet marketers make is they find the top paid sources in their niche market and then focus on getting visitors to their site from all of the sources at the exact same time.

The problem with doing this is that you can’t master 4 sources at once. Not only that, you don’t want to spread your “seed money” out over 4 different sources when you are just getting started. What you are going to want to do is make sure you find the best source in your niche that you think is going to work the best and start with that source first.

Once you get up, running and profitable with that first source – then you are going to want to leverage some of the profits from it to fund your next source. That way your not investing in multiple sources out of your personal pocket. You let the first source get you going on the second source & then get the second source to fund the third one.

Eventually you are going to create a massive snowball that should give you a ton of traffic. And because you built the foundation right, you should be very profitable and have a lot of money coming in.

Don’t get to worried about starting with the “right source” because eventually your goal should be to use ALL OF THEM. So start with the source that you feel most confident and most comfortable with and go from there. If you still can’t figure out which one to start out with – then focus on the one that your direct competitors have been using. If it’s working for them then there is no reason that with some tweaking and testing it should not work for you.

Four – Always Start Small And Then Scale Up Once Your Profitable

One of the biggest mistakes most internet marketers make when they are trying to buy traffic is they will spend as much money as they humanly possibly can spend when they are starting out on a new source in their market. They think that if they can drive a massive amount of visitors to their site, they are somehow going to make a lot of money.

That is true (eventually)!

But when you get started  your going to want to start out with 50 or 100 visitors a day and tweak your system to get it working really well and optimized. Once you do this then your going to want to go out and ramp things up so you can eventually get thousands of visitors a day.

If you do it the way I am telling you, your going to be able to crack the code on the source, invest as little as possible and be able to figure out the source before really increasing your ad spend. Not only that, your going to have more confidence if you do it this way.

If you simply go out and start buying 1,000 visitors a day the only thing that is going to happen is your going to get insomnia and stress yourself out. Not only that, if your 1,000 visitors a day don’t convert to buyers your going to end up with a huge credit card bill.

So start out small for a few days or a few weeks, figure things out & then unleash a massive flood of visitors to your site as your going to know what is happening and you should be able to really make a lot of money have grow your online business the way you want to.

Hitting The Traffic Jet Steam:

Once you make your numbers work on a small scale and your confident in what you are doing, you have to realize that it does not take very long at all to really ramp things up and get a massive amount of visitors to your site. Once you know what you are doing and you have proven yourself on a small scale, its now a matter of just increasing your daily budget and opening up the flood gates to get more visitors.

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To your success,

Jason Nyback

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David February 5, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I’m currently doing bing ads on a small scale. Do you recommend solo ads for list building? The traffic will be directed to a squeeze page…….Thanks


Jason Nyback February 7, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Hey David,
I’d scale up Bing before I moved on. Max out one thing first! (-:



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