How To Get More Traffic From The Google Adwords Content Network

If you want to get a massive amount of qualified traffic to your site really fast – your going to want to make sure you use the Google Adwords Content Network! In my opinion and from my experience, this is one of the best traffic sources on the internet without question.

The reason is because of the scalability of this network and the ability to get your ads on a massive amount of websites in your niche market. I was able to get my ads on about 20,000 different sites in one niche that I targeted… As you can imagine – it got me a massive amount of traffic and make me a lot of money in the process.

The problem is that for most internet marketers, they don’t have a clue how to make it work and how to actually make a profit from the traffic. It’s one thing to get a massive amount of traffic from the Google Adwords Content Network and it is a totally different thing to actually make a profit in the process.

The internet marketing world is littered with Adwords casualties and internet business owners who have lost a lot of money and pride using this network. However, if you use it the right way you can own your market and get a massive amount of traffic to your site in a real hurry!

Here’s 4 Quick & Easy Things You Can Do To Get Massive Amounts Of Profitable Traffic From The Google Adwords Content Network


#1 – Realize That It Is TOTALLY Different From The Adwords Search Network

The biggest mistake the majority of advertisers make is they don’t realize how different this network is compared to the Adwords search network. Both will get you traffic and both can make you a lot of money, but they are totally different and you need to treat them that way or your going to end up in a lot of financial trouble really, really fast.

When people go to the Google search engine they are looking for something very specific and are in most cases doing research on a topic. So when they type a keyword in and see your ad, they are going to click on it in the hopes that it is going to help them find answers or a solution to their problem.

That’s a pretty tight focus and is pretty easy to master once you know what you are doing. But the problem with the content network is that the visitors who click your ads are not looking for you in most cases. They are usually on sites within your niche market and see your ad as they are watching a video or reading the content on a site.

They are in your niche market, probably looking for information on a specific topic BUT they are not looking for your ad. So because of this, your ad is going to have to be different and your going to want to make sure it stands out more as the visitor needs to see it.

So make sure you realize that your visitor is going to be different. Once you can start to understand this and see this – your going to better be able to create profitable campaigns that will make you more money.

#2 – You Need To Get In The Habit Of Blocking Out Sites In Your Campaign:

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The great thing about using the Google content network is the fact that Google will take your keywords and try and match them with site in your market where they can syndicate ads for you. That is a great thing because you don’t have to manually do it (unless you want to) and they can find a massive amount of sites in your niche for you to run your ads on.

However, as good as that is – the problem with it is the fact that it is still a computer doing the work and you are going to get a lot of sites that are complete garbage which won’t convert to buyers and sales. There are still sites out there that are trying to game the system and just get people to click on your ads so they can make a quick buck.

Google is getting really good at figuring this out, but you still have to be on top of it as well. And the best thing to do is make sure you have your conversion tracking setup so you can see which sites are not making you a profit. Then what you can do is start to get rid of those sites by blocking them within your campaign.

That means your ads are not going to run on them and Google won’t send you more traffic from those sites. Your going to want to make sure you manually do this every few months at the very least so you can keep on top of this as they will keep finding new sites for you to run your ads on.

Not only that, the internet is always growing so your going to have more and more sites that will be running ads. But if you can keep on top of this you can create a very well oiled machine that should be able to crank out a lot of profit for you.

#3 – Target Campaigns To Specific Sites In Your Niche Market:

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If you want to get massively focused traffic and really dial into your market, what your going to want to do is make sure you create a separate site targeted campaign in your account and target some of the bigger sites in your market that you know syndicate Adwords ads on their content.

The reason that you are going to want to make sure you do this is because what you will find is that if you can target your ads to one site, your going to be able to do a really good job at matching your ad & landing page to the content on the site that you are targeting.

And when you do that – your going to get a massive click through rate and hopefully a really good conversion rate. The more targeted you are – the more your conversions should go up and the more money you should make. And when you are able to do that, your going to get leads for a lot less money on a per lead basis.

That means – more profit for you. And if you are making more profits from your ad campaign you can start increasing your cost per click so you can actually get a higher bid position on that site that you are advertising on. Which means your going to get even more traffic and hopefully make even more money.

#4 – DON’T Do Image Ads First:

The big trend with the content network is running image ads. They are nice looking and you can get a pretty high click through rate when you run them as they are more visible and you can get more people clicking on them. The problem is that if you run them first, you are making a mistake.

You have to realize that not every site in your market is going to be able to handle or is setup to run image ads. So that means your ads are not going to be able to run on every site in your niche that is allowing Google ads. Not only that, image ads are a pain to setup and test.

So what you are going to want to do instead is run a really good text ad campaign on the content network so you can see what is going on. Your also going to want to test out your ad copy to make sure you can get a really high click through rate on your ads.

Once you do that you are then going to want to take your best converting ads and turn those into image ads in terms of the content (text copy). And your going to want to make sure you do it in a different campaign so you don’t ruin the text ad campaign that you have already optimized.

If you do this your going to get the best of both worlds and hopefully you’ll be able to get a massive amount of traffic to your site and make a lot of money!

If you spend a bit of time on it – the content network can be a great source of very profitable traffic that can really help you grow your business to the next level.

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Jason Nyback

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Jeremiah Say December 27, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Hi Jason,

I have just one question. You mentioned this:

“But the problem with the content network is that the visitors who click your ads are not looking for you in most cases.”

So even if I have a very “stand-out” ad copy in g’s content network, I reckon the conversion rate will not be as great as the one in g’s search results. Because like you said, people are not looking for me in many instances. They are happily browsing through a blog, if they clicked on my site.. it will probably be because they are just curious and NOT because they are interested in buying.

Does this makes g’s content network less valuable? Furthermore, the default ad-campaign which g’s setup for us is the search result not the content network (or is it just in my country?).. So my question is, from your experience.. which one converts better? Which one drives you more targeted traffic? Will be it Content-Network or Search-Result?

Looking forward to you answer.

Happy Holiday,


Jason Nyback January 2, 2013 at 2:30 pm

Hey Jeremiah,

I find the content network converts better then the search network. The reason is that the visitors are usually more qualified when they click on your ad.

If your ads are running on the right sites, they will be on valuable content sites. That means people will have had to find those sites, then find the content, read it & see your ad on the page. So by the time they click your ad – they are usually pretty qualified. (In most cases).



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