Easy Ways To Get More Backlinks To Your Site

If you want to get higher rankings in the search engines, the bottom line is that you are going to have to make sure you get more backlinks. In the old days you could get a ton of links and see massive increases in your traffic from the search engines… But those days are long gone now and your going to have to do it the right way if you stand a chance of getting any ranking at all.

If you plan on “gaming” the system and trying to manipulate your way to getting higher rankings from buying links and using other strategies like that – your in for a long miserable road in terms of growing your internet business. Those days are over and the search engines are getting better and better everyday.

If you wanted to narrow successful backlinking down to one strategy, it is this: “Get links from the best sites that are closely related to the niche market that you are in.” That’s it! But making that happen is a bit harder – and that’s why I am going to help you right now.

You see – I’ve been able to build niche market websites that have gotten over 28,000 links (one site) and I never had to buy them, beg for them or manipulate the search engines to get them. In fact, I have one domain name that went from being new to getting a pagerank of 5 in one pagerank update.

Here’s The Best Ways To Get Massive Amounts Of Great Quality Backlinks To Your Site So You Can Get More Rankings

#1 – You Need To Start Creating Content That Is Linkable (Here’s how)

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You hear this a lot on the internet but the reality is making it happen is a bit more tricky then just throwing up content and hoping people will spread it all over the internet for you so you can go viral. What you are going to want to do is make sure every blog post you write and every article you create on your website is so good that people are going to want to share it with others.

It takes time to make this happen, but as you get better and better at writing and creating content, your going to find that this will happen a lot easier and you will get more and more readers who will actually share it. And when it comes to sharing it – doing something as simple as clicking the “like” or “tweet” button is good. Don’t that gets your content linked on the social networks out there.

And what that does is shows Google that you are getting some social signals from your content which tells them people are reading it and liking it.

It’s going to take time and it will be a slow process at the start, but if you keep at it and keep writing better and better content you will eventually hit the snowball and find that your content is getting shared all over the internet in terms of links back to your pages.

The great thing about doing this is that you are building a natural link profile and over time your going to get more authority and should see a steady increase in your rankings. That’s a lot better then getting garbage links, seeing a boost in your traffic and then losing it all cause Google caught on to you! (-:

#2 – Only Focus A Small Amount Of Time On Garbage Backlinks: (If any time…)

Look – Google has access to the internet and knows what’s going on. A lot of marketers forget about this and think they can sneak around and do all kinds of crazy things when it comes to getting backlinks and believe that Google is never going to find out.

So when you go out and post garbage articles on directories – they are going to figure out what you are doing and totally discount those links you are getting. So, if you are spending a lot of time buying link packages and outsourcing people to go out and leave blog comments all over the internet you have to realize your playing a losing game.

Not only that, as time goes by and as the search engines get better and better at what they are doing – your going to have to do more and more work to get less and less results. You’ve hit the law of diminishing returns and if this is your strategy, the only thing you can do is to keep doing more of what you have been doing which is no longer working.

Sounds like a great way to build a business!

So make sure you limit your efforts on these types of obvious strategies. Sure you might get a bit of a boost on some long tail keywords that you are trying to rank for, but all in all its not going to help you that much and your not going to see a big jump.

#3 – Start Using White Hat Link Baiting (It’s not that hard)

Link baiting is an extension creating great content. How link baiting works is what you need to do is create great content and then once you have done that, start marketing that content on the internet to see if you can get people to link to it.

The strategy for simply creating great content and getting people to share it works great – but this is the next level where you actually focus on marketing your great content. How you do that is by putting it out there on your social media networks so people can see your content.

The other way is to share it on forums, other social sites like digg, exc. And what’s going to happen is you will find that people will start reading it on those portals and then linking to it and referencing it on their sites or social media profiles.

People LOVE to share what has helped them. It is human nature to want to share something really good with other people that you know. So if you can just get the ball rolling, you have no clue how powerful this strategy really is.

And again, it will take a bit of time to make this happen and it is a bit of work. However, what you have to realize is that your building a natural profile and Google is going to see this and reward you for it. They will see that your not trying to game them and screw them over.

They are smart – they can figure out who is providing great content that is getting noticed and when they see that – they will start ranking your content better and better.

#4 – Buy An Aged Site That Has Great Links And Some Rankings Already  (It’s cheaper then you think)

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This is by far the best way to give yourself a massive head start in your market and with your internet business in terms of getting more search engine rankings. If you don’t want to do all the work and wait around to get rankings and links, then just buy a site that already has the profile that you want.

Here’s the thing you need to understand – It Is NOT EXPENSIVE…

The reason that it is not expensive is because there is a massive amount of sites out there that don’t make any money! Most niche markets are FULL of great information sites that the owners have no idea how to use to make money with. So they sit there and get traffic, links and get older.

And the great thing is, you can easily pick these sites up for CHEAP. Then once you buy it, you can start optimizing it the way you want, throw your blog on and start cranking out great content that should start ranking better because it is associated with a great domain that already has a great Google profile.

You have to make sure you DON’T make the mistake of buying a parked domain. That is just dumb… In fact, buying just a domain that is aged is dumb. The reason is – you can’t see how that domain is ranking. There could be a penalty associated with it and if you buy it and don’t know this, your going to waste a lot of time.

So just focus on digging through the search results in your niche and finding sites that are full of great content, abandoned and not making any money. Then start offering the site owners to buy them and you’ll probably be surprised and what happens and how quickly you will have a potential deal.

I have done this and it is my favorite strategy for getting better and faster rankings in the search engine. Then once you get a great site – you can start implementing the other strategies that I have just talked about and put your site up in the rankings super fast!

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To your success,

Jason Nyback

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cindy and don February 22, 2013 at 12:54 am

hey Jason! Awesome video’s. Great example of how to aquire a used, (parked), website and monitize it with a little work. And other great examples, especially the back links. The best way to aquire them. By writng great, if not awesome content. In return people LIKE them, and put their links on your page (these are called back links, correct?) :-) and it ranks higher in Google (google will love us for this). I hope I have the correct understanding concerning back links. Can the content be on just about anything? The brain is already cooking. My husband and I are in our 50′s, so between the 2 of us we should have plenty of content or our we headed in the wrong direction? We hope you had a chance to check out our sites, if so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much, Jason. God Bless you and yours. cindy and don. :-)


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