Email List Building Strategies To Get More Subscribers & Grow Your Internet Business

You’ve probably heard the saying a thousand times, “the money is in the list”! Well the bottom line is that it is true! But if you can’t get more people onto your list and you can figure out how to get a good conversion rate from your traffic – your screwed!

When it comes to building a massive list, most internet marketers do it wrong and never actually have any success. Then because of this, they blame it on things like traffic, the market, the broke people in the market & the fact that list building does not work any longer.

Here’s the deal – I have lists over 200,000 subscribers from a variety of niche markets. So I can tell you with 100% assurance that it does work and you can do it if you use the right strategy and formula. It’s not quite as easy as loading up a Google Adwords account and driving traffic to a squeeze page – but you can still build a massive list and grow your internet business very fast.

Here’s 3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Build A Massive Email List

#1 – You Need To Focus On Mastering One Traffic Source First:

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The biggest mistake people make when they are trying to get more traffic to their site so they can actually build the list is they focus on to many different traffic sources at the same time. Sure you can get visitors to your site from multiple traffic sources, but you have to master one before you add in a bunch of other ones.

The reason is because if you can’t master one source and make it profitable, you should not be focusing on multiple sources which are probably costing you a fortune and frustrating the heck out of you. Not only that, each source in your market is going to be a bit different and you have to use it a different way in order to get people on your list.

So what you need to do is stop focusing on the sources in your market that are not working and simply focus on one source. If you are just getting starting in your market, pick one source that you would like to master and have the budget for. Then get to work figuring out how to get a bunch of traffic to your site from that one source.

You have to realize that over time your success are going to compound. Just cause you suck at it now does not mean you always will. Eventually your going to get really good at that one traffic source and you’ll be able to dominate it and get 100X the amount of traffic.

But what a lot of marketers do instead is they get some momentum from one source and then move onto the next source and then the next source. The problem is, they never really get good at one traffic source and don’t get to experience the results of master with one traffic source.

Don’t be worried about multiple streams of website traffic! If you can’t get one source to work, then how does losing money on multiple sources at the same time mean your diversified and successful?

#2 – You Have To Optimize These 3 Things Right Now:

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Once you focus on one traffic source, you then going to want to make sure you now change your focus to making sure you optimize your lead generation funnel. The better job you do at optimizing your lead generation funnel, the more emails your going to get and the higher conversion rate you will have.

And when that happens, your going to be able to get email leads for less money on a per lead basis. That means – your getting more leads for less money which means your hopefully going to make more profit if you have your system setup the right way.

The 3 things you are going to want to focus on optimizing are:

#1 – Your Traffic Quality: This is very important and you need to really understand this or you will eventually go insane. The reality is that if you are buying traffic from a source like Adwords or Adcenter, your going to get some garbage traffic coming to your site. And that garbage traffic is going to drop your conversion rate down on your landing page.

So if you want to give your landing page conversion rate an immediate boost – then what you need to do is cut the garbage traffic out of your advertising. That means your going to want to deactiave those keywords which are getting you a low optin rate.

The best way to do this is to have your tracking on so you can see which keywords are giving you your optins and which ones are not.

#2 – Your Landing Page: This is an obvious thing to optimize, but most people don’t focus on it. You have to run tests on your landing page to figure out which version is going to convert the best. It is not that hard to setup a test and once you setup the test you just let it sit there and collect data.

And over time your going to see which landing page out converted the control one and then you can replace it and now you have a winner that is converting better then the one you previously had. If you do this for a few times, you should see an increase in your conversions and your going to get more leads which hopefully will give you more sales.

#3 – Your Offer: What are you offering people in exchange for them giving you their email address? If your offer is weak, your not going to get a lot of people taking you up on it and your never going to really see an increase in your conversion rate.

Not only that, you can test your landing page until your 200 years old and it’s not going to help if your offer sucks. It must really add value to the people in your market and if it does, your going to get a good conversion rate and have good momentum.

#3 – Leverage Your Success Onto The Next Traffic Source In Your Niche Market:

Once you have mastered one traffic source and have optimized your lead generation funnel, the next step is to take all that work and momentum and leverage it onto the next best source in your market. And if you have been doing things right with the first source the chances are really good that your going to have a lot of success with the second source because you have been doing such a good job optimizing things.

So you should really start to see a massive increase in success when you roll your lead generation system out onto source #2. Not only that, you can now test more things because you should have double the traffic coming to your site. So that means your going to be able to test things faster, optimize things more easily and increase your profitability even more.

And the great thing about doing it this way is that when you move to the second traffic source in your market, your doing it from a position of profit and mastery. You will have confidence because you have already figured out how to make it work on the first source. Now you can leverage that success onto the second source.

Then, hopefully very quickly your going to be able to leverage that success onto the third source and beyond. So in the same amount of time that you were struggling with getting traffic from multiple sources and losing money – you could have mastered one source, optimized your system and then rolled the whole thing out on multiple sources from a profitable position.

So, take things one at a time and don’t get overwelmend… You can do it.

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