Here’s How To Succeed With Article Marketing To Grow Your Online Business

If you want to get a lot of traffic to your site so you can grow your online business faster, your going to want to make sure you focus on using article marketing to help make this happen. Ever since the Panda changes came out in February of 2011 with Google, online marketers have been scared of article marketing because they think Google does not like it anymore.

That’s just not true! Google loves great content that adds value to it’s search results. The problem is not articles, the problem is garbage content, spun articles and junk people have been uploading to directories to get backlinks. That’s the kind of stuff Google hates and will continue to tweak it’s algorithms to make sure it gets filtered out of their search results.

But I can tell you from my own situation – I have over 7,000 published articles on Ezinearticles and they get me a lot of visitors and have over the years. If you know what you are doing you can easily get a massive amount of traffic to your site from article marketing and create a great source of automated traffic as well.

4 Easy Ways To Get More Automated Traffic From Article
Marketing (The Right Way)

#1 – Understand How This Source Has Changed:

The bottom line is that change scares people because it creates uncertainty and fear. In the old days of article marketing you could upload garbage to hundreds of directories and get links to your site which would hopefully increase your rankings.

Or you could spin massive amounts of junk content and hopefully get visitors to your site. It was an idea and a marketing strategy that thousands of marketers bought into and used to grow their online businesses. Then when Google’s Panda update came along, they ended up torching the rankings and value of a lot of directories and made an example out of a lot of them.

But here’s the deal – the good ones like Ezinearticles still work, still get a lot of traffic and still can work for you if you use them the right way. You have to change your mindset from trying to game the directory to adding value, good content and then in tern, getting those visitors to your site.

So essentially, it has not changed all that much – it is more now what it was suppose to be all a long. A great way to get more visitors to your site. Not only that, the visitors you get to your site from your articles are going to be very qualified as they have already read your content and are interested in you enough to want to click on a link, come to your site and find out more about you!

#2 – Focus On Adding Unique Content To One Directory: (This is important!)

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Google wants unique content… That’s a given and no secret! So if you want to use this traffic strategy to get more visitors to your site your going to want to make sure that the content you create is exactly that – unique! Then what you are going to want to do is post it to one directory.

The best one is ezinearticles as it has the most quality controls and seems to still have  a good page rank as well. However, if you have a specific directory in your niche – then use that one as it is going to be more relevant to your market and will hopefully work better then ezinearticles.

But the big thing you have to remember with this strategy is don’t think that once the content is on directory #1 that you should start changing the words around and then load a similar version of that content on your blog or on 400 other directories.

That’s just dumb and Google is going to figure it out and none of your content is going to be worth anything!

You have to realize that when you create really compelling content that visitors read and get a lot out of, they are going to become your fan. They will bond with you, read more of your related content on that site and then hopefully come to your site and buy your stuff.

So by doing a great job on creating the content and adding value to your market your actually going to create a stream of traffic that is very qualified and really interested in what you have to offer because of the fact that you have already proven to them that it’s adding value to their lives and they want more.

#3 – Master The 2 Most Important Metrics To Succeed With This Traffic Source:

The first metric that you are going to want to make sure you master in order to get more visitors to click on your links and come to your site is “time on page”. Your going to want to become the best expert in the world at creating content that is “sticky”…

Meaning – you want to keep the search engine visitors on your article pages so they read it and take action. The better job you do at this, the more your rankings for that page within ezinearticles is likely going to increase in the search engines.

The reason is – If your time on page is really good, that means most other things are going to be really good as well. If you are keeping people on your article page for 4 minutes, they are likely going to click on other links, read more content & not bounce back to the search engines in 0:01 second.

And when Google see’s this – they are going to know that your content is adding value to the market and your rankings should increase.

A lot of people want to know “how many words should each page be that I create?” That’s a great question and the answer is – “as many words as it takes to keep them on the page!” Ideally your going to want to create 800 – 1200 word pages as that is going to be long enough to keep them on the page and hopefully get them to engage in the content that you are creating.

The second metric your going to want to master is that of volume. If you think your going to have success by creating one piece of content per week, your going to be deeply disappointed and never see any significant traffic come to your site.

You have to realize something – The search engines and the good content sites (ezinearticles) can handle your content. So if you can create 2 great peaces of content per day – GREAT! Google is going to be able to handle it and index it for you. Your not going to overwhelm them with your volume.

And if it is great quality that adds value, then it is only going to accelerate your goals and give you more visitors. So don’t get lazy if you are trying to use this source to get more visitors to your site. Create a couple pages a day if you can and keep doing it for a few months before you really expect any results.

It will compound over time if you do it the right way. I did not create 7,200 pages of content because it did not work… It worked great and I have made a lot of money from the content that I created. But you have to get the ball rolling.

#4 – Make Sure You Outsource Properly: (Don’t make these dumb mistakes)

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If you want to really automate this source so you don’t have to be the one creating the content all the time – that is totally fine! Just make sure you do it the right way. Don’t go out and buy content for $3 a page and think your going to somehow make Google happy.

You need to find a writer who knows your market and is passionate about it. Your readers are going to be able to tell if you are using canned content that was written by someone who does not know what they are talking about. So pay more money to get better content.

Then in turn your going to hopefully get more visitors to your site, make more money & be able to get even more GREAT content created & outsourced. If you think about it this way, you can see that your efforts will start to snowball verses take a nose dive.

If you go to the big outsourcing sites your probably going to be able to find some content creators/writers who are passionate about your market and who can give you good content. Hire them and add value to your market and you should be rewarded.

If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money – that’s okay… Just focus on doing what you can do personally and then outsource to a high quality write as you have the funds and as your profits come in. Eventually you will hopefully be able to start outsourcing everything.

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