How To Write Better Facebook Ads To Get More Traffic

When it comes to getting more traffic from Facebook’s PPC advertising you have to realize that the one thing that will make your break your campaigns success more then anything is your ad. If you can write an amazing ad that gets a massive click through rate, your going to get a lot of traffic from this source and your also going to be able to get some really cheap clicks as well.

Not only that, the better ad you write – the longer your ad is going to stay live and get a lot of impressions. The biggest problem that a lot of marketers have is the fact that they write a bad ad, get no impressions and then have to keep doing it again and again in the hopes that one of their bad ads catch.

But the reality is that if you can master the art of writing great Facebook ads – you can own your market and really have a lot of success with this traffic source.

4 Things You Can Do To Write A Better Facebook Ad So You Can Get More Traffic & Make More Money

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#1 – You Need To Do A Better Job At Targeting Your Advertising Campaigns:

One of the biggest problems that most people have is the fact that they think just being in a niche market is a good enough strategy for targeting their ads. People will often think that if they are in the golf niche – that is good enough and a tight enough target market.

Then what they do is lump all the keywords or “interests” into one ad campaign and hope it converts to visitors! The problem they will usually experience is they’ll likely get a really low click through rate on their ads and Facebook will probably reduce their impressions a lot.

That means – no traffic and the traffic you do get is going to cost you a lot on a per click basis as Facebook needs to maximize your ad space so they end up charging you the maximum that you are willing to spend.

So what you need to do is break your niche down into small laser focused campaigns that are super tight so you can better target each sub category in your niche market. If you can do this, your going to be able to speak directly to the visitors who you are targeting and your going to trigger them to click your ad and come to your site.

It takes a bit of work to create multiple ad campaigns but once you do it right, your likely going to see a massive increase in traffic & then because of that you are going to have to spend less time writing ads ongoing. If your ads convert really well – that means your going be able to let that campaign run for a lot longer and you’ll have to do a lot less work!

So don’t be lazy… Put the effort in on the front end and you should be able to have a lot of success ongoing.

#2 – Use The Right Picture (Don’t screw this up)

One of the most powerful ways to increase your ad click through rate is to make sure you use the best picture possible. It’s by far the biggest part of your ad & is going to be seen first when people log into their Facebook accounts. If your image sucks – your ad click through rate is going to be really bad as well.

Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know:

First – Don’t Steal Images… Your going to want to make sure you are allowed to use the image. A lot of people just rip images off other sites or from images in Google’s search results. That’s dumb – don’t do it!

Second – Try Using A Red Boarder: I have found that doing this has really increased my click through rates by a lot when I try it. What your going to want to do is use a photo editing tool and stick a nice red boarder around your image. If you do this your going to draw people’s eyes to it and they are going to be pulled into looking at your ad first.

Third – Test Using An Emotion Based Image: You have to remember that people are emotion driven. That means if you can use an image that attaches what you are doing with their highest level emotional response – your going to get a higher click through rate. So if your teaching people how to train their dogs to go to the bathroom outside, think about making your image that of a dog kissing it’s owner.

Forth – Be Careful About Personal Shots: The easiest thing to do is put up a picture of yourself and think people are going to click on your ad. You have to realize that no one cares about you (yet)… They care about what is going on within Facebook and how their friends are doing. So you need to pull them in with a picture that associates them with what your are trying to sell. So be very careful about using personal pictures. A lot of people use them – but that does not mean they convert!

#3 – Refine Your Call To Action: Very important

Your going to want to make sure you actually have a call to action in your ad. Most people simply write an ad that says they are going to show you how to do something. That’s great – but people need to be told what to do. If you tell them what you want them to do, your going to get them to do it in a lot of cases. It is not wrong to tell them to click your ad so you can help them out.

You don’t have a lot of room within your ad, so your going to have to make sure you be creative – but doing something as easy as saying, “click here” is probably going to help and get you a higher click through rate. Remember, they are not looking for your ad or what you are selling. They seen your ad because it caught their attention. Now your job is to get them to go to the next step in your sales process which is click the ad!

So don’t be shy and worry about not telling them what you want them to do. You have to tell them what to do… The biggest reason is because NO ONE else is doing it! 99% of advertisers on Facebook are not telling people what they want them to do. So when you do – your likely going to get a higher click through rate on your ads.

#4 – Create A Better Offer: But don’t do THIS

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One big mistake advertisers make when they are trying to get more people to click on their ads is they think people care about them. You have to realize that no one cares about you. They care about themselves and what you can do for them. If you tell them that you are the master at making dogs stop peeing on the carpet – they don’t care!

That is great you can do super things like get dogs to stop peeing on the carpet, but they are thinking “so what!”

You have to make sure your offer is about THEM and what you can do for THEM. If you can make it about them, your going to be able to bond with them and they will likely click your ad and go through your sales funnel. So in this example, your going to want to tell them this: “Here’s 1 unknown secret to getting your dog to stop peeing on the floor today!” If you can do that – you’ll get a good click through rate.

The biggest thing is that you have to make sure you are honest and can live up to what you say, and if you can – your going to get a click and likely going to have a happy customer. So make sure you really think about the offer and make sure you think about your customer first.

Sure you want to build your brand, but that is a result of doing all the above things the right way. None of this is hard – it’s just going to take you time & as you do it more and more, your success is going to likely increase because your going to get better and better.

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