How To Use Facebook Paid Advertising To Get More Traffic For Your Internet Business

You can get a lot of traffic from Facebook’s paid advertising and make a lot of money from that traffic if you know what you are doing and if you use this source the right way. The biggest problem that most internet marketers have is the fact that they are focused on using this source the wrong way & end up losing money from the traffic that they buy.

If you lose money with this source, it’s not Facebook’s fault! A huge portion of the world is on that site everyday – so if your losing money or not able to make this source work, it’s because your doing something wrong and you don’t have your system and structure setup the right way.

The great thing about this source is the fact that it is very easy to set things up the right way and get the right visitors to your site and into your sales funnel. Not only that, you can turn the traffic on and off as you wish, test like crazy and target people very tightly.

Here’s The Biggest Secret To Increasing Your Profits & Getting The Right Traffic To Your Site From Facebook’s Paid Advertising Program

You MUST Target The Traffic The Right Way…

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That’s the big secret to using this source to get more traffic and make more money. If you can do this – you can get the right visitors to your site and hopefully make a lot of money (assuming your systems are setup right). Not only that, if you target the right way, your going to be doing a better job then 95% of all the other advertisers in your niche market.

Think of it like fishing… You can have the single best boat, hook and rod in the world, but if your in the wrong part of the lake – your not going to catch anything! It does not matter how good you are or how many cool tools you have – your going to go hungry and not be able to eat fish for supper that night!

But if you know exactly where the fish are and know exactly what they are hungry for – you can have the biggest piece of junk boat, the oldest tools and still catch your limit every time you go out onto the lake.

The same thing goes with Facebook! You can have the best website, best offer, best research tools and strategies and you’ll still go broke if you can’t target your traffic the right way and figure out how to get the right people to your site and into your sales funnel.

Here’s 4 Ways To Target Your Ideal Customer On Facebook So You Can Increase Your Profits

#1 – You Have To Run Laser Focused Campaigns

The biggest mistake most advertisers make when they use this source to get more visitors to their site is they simply dump all their keywords into one big campaign and run one ad targeting all of those people. If you do this, your going to get a very low click through rate which in tern will jack your cost per click up and probably make it to expensive to get visitors to your site.

If your targeting 20 keywords within Facebook, you don’t want to make it happen all in one campaign. What you want to do is breakdown each of those keywords into it’s own campaign with it’s own ad. That way you can write an ad that talks to your ideal customer who is associated with the term that you are targeting.

If you do this you will greatly increase your chances of getting a higher click through rate which means your ads are going to run longer and your likely going to get a better cost per click price when people click on your ads.

#2 – Split Up Your Campaigns By Sexes

This is very important to do because you are going to see different conversion rates on your offers from women and men if you break them out into different campaigns. So what you need to do is split up the campaigns and then test and see which ones are buying and which ones are not.

You might find that women are more responsive to your offers and give you a higher click through rate then men. If that is the case – you need to then focus on targeting better to them and making even better offers and ads. And then you do the same thing with men.

If you can do this, what you will find is that you will have super tight ads, campaigns and offers that speak right to the core of your ideal prospect. And by doing so they are going to feel like you are talking right to them which will make them click your ads and go through your sales funnel & hopefully buy what you are selling.

#3 – Break It Down By Age Categories

This is very, very important and most advertisers completely screw it up and never have success with this part of Facebook’s advertising. You have to realize that every age demographic is going to convert to your offers differently. You might find that people over 30 are going to convert better to your offer then people under 30, exc…

And what you need to do is make sure you really breakdown your ad campaigns by age so you can see which group is getting the best response. If have found that in many cases, one group will give me a better response then every other group put together!

And if you lump all the ages together, what’s going to happen is – the lower responding group is going to pull down the click through rate of the high response group. So what’s going to happen is you will pay a higher per click price for your ads on the hyper response customers because they are lumped in with the ones that don’t convert very well.

So there is no point in just throwing your money out the window… Target better and your going to get better results and better data on the visitors coming to your site.

#4 – Segment Your Landing Pages

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If you do this your going to find that you will likely see a massive amount of increased subscribers to your offers. You need to realize that not every single person who comes to your site is going to convert the exact same way. So what you have to make sure you do is take each segment of traffic to a different offer so you can increase your landing page conversions.

If you drive everyone to the exact same landing page, your going to get some conversions and some people will take you up on your offer. However, if you can segment your landing pages based on age, sex and demographic – what you will find is that you should see an even bigger increase in the amount of subscribers you are getting to your list.

Not only that, when you increase your conversion rate, you drop your cost to get a lead. What that means if you are making more profits and can keep more money for yourself or reinvest some into getting even more visitors to your site so you can make even more money and help even more people.

Facebook works if you work it and do the little things that most of your competitors will not take the time to do. And the great thing is – if you do this on the front end, you should see massive results on the backend.

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