How To Advertise On Facebook To Get More Targeted Traffic

Without question, one of the best places you can get targeted traffic to your site is Facebook. They have targeting data that allows you to zero in on your ideal market and connect with them like never before. However, if you don’t use this source the right way it could cost you a small fortune and you could end up in some real trouble.

But for the marketers who “get it” and crack the code on using Facebook to get targeted pay-per-click traffic to their website, they will be rewarded with a lot of success, traffic and leads. The greatest thing about this source is the fact that you can easily set up your campaign, get things going and then at any time you can increase or decrease your traffic.

As well, you can target people like no other source online. Your going to have a percision level that your just not going to find on most other traffic sources in most markets.

Here’s 4 Strategies You Need To Know If You Want To Successfully Advertise On Facebook To Grow Your Internet Business

#1 – You Need To Know Your Numbers BEFORE You Run An Ad Campaign
(Don’t do this backwards)

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to grow their online business using Facebook pay per clicks is they simply load up a bunch of keywords and turn on the traffic in the hopes that all their dreams are going to come true.

The reality is that you are probably going to get a lot of visitors to your site, but chances are pretty good that your going to lose your shirt in the process. If you pay the suggested price to get a visitor to your site from this source and you just upload a bunch of generic keywords, you are not going to have the right strategy in place and your going to cause a lot of pain for yourself.

What you need to do first is figure out exactly how much a visitor is worth to you in terms of income. So if from the other traffic sources in your market you are making $2,000 in new sales from an average of 4,000 visitors, that means each visitor who is coming to your site is worth about $0.50 in income.

That is called your visitor value! And you need to figure this out before you launch into Facebook and start buying traffic. If you know your visitor value from other sources is around $0.50 a click, then you know exactly how much you can pay to get PPC traffic to your site and still make a profit.

In this case, I’d pay about $0.25 a click and make that my limit. That way I can still double my money and still have some room for error and testing.  If I can go into it this way, I’m going to be able to protect myself from racking up my credit card and wasting a bunch of money!

#2 – Start Small & Roll-Out BIG (Don’t do it backwards… Here’s why!)

One of the biggest mistakes that most online marketers make when they are using this source is they start really big and try and get as many visitors to their site as they possibly can so they can make the most amount of money possible. That is the goal – yes… However, you have to make sure you start small and optimize your campaign and system first.

Your going to want to take a sample amount of traffic, drive it to your site and see what happens. If you want to drive 1,000 visitors a day to your site from this source, then what I would suggest is that you focus on making it work with 100 visitors a day first.

Once you are confident that things are working as planned and after you have tweaked things to make sure they are optimized – then roll things out and grow your campaign. That way you know what is going on & have confidence if the process and system you are using.

#3 – You Need To Decide If Your Sending Them To Your Site Or Keep Them On Facebook:

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This is a very important thing that you are going to have to figure out if you plan on making your PPC campaign profitable and make this work the right way. You have to choose between sending your visitors to your site or keeping them on Facebook.

Every situation is going to be different, but at the end of the day you are going to have to make sure you do the right thing. If you can, your best strategy is going to be to keep them on Facebook. The reason is simple: if you were them where would you want the traffic sent?

If you keep it on their network they can better control what is going on, see what is happening and the traffic is going to move on to other peoples pages as well as click on other peoples ads as well. That means you win in terms of getting a lead, like, exc. But they win as well because the visitor is still logged in and on the network taking actions and clicking on more ads.

Also, as this source evolves in the future I personally think it is going to be even more important to keep people on their system and network. Not only that - if you keep people where they are, it is more familiar and they are likely going to feel more comfortable with you.

You essentially can leverage their brand. You are keeping the visitors where they want to be, providing them value & helping them without them having to leave the network. If you got them to give you their email address, you now have a point of contact with them outside of the system.

So, you can send them some value added content and build a relationship with them that way as well. So by leaving them on the network, your not really losing anything! Your probably going to keep your visitors happier, still get them to take action & keep the traffic source happy! (Which is the most important thing)…

#4 – Test A MASSIVE Amount Of Image Ad: (Here’s why…)

The bottom line is that when you are using this traffic source you need to have a high click through rate on your ads or your going to get your impressions cut off and lose all your traffic. So what you have to do is make sure you are focused on testing multiple images when you are starting out.

The reason that you want to focus on testing images is because they are the one thing that will give you the biggest increase in click through rate conversions. One good image can literally turn your campaign around and really get you a massive amount of traffic.

There’s a 100 times difference in traffic between an ad that converts at 0.01% and one that converts at 1.00%. But a lot of people just don’t take the time to test different images and in the end they end up with smaller levels of traffic and never have any success with this source.

So, don’t blame it on the traffic source that your not getting the amount of visitors you want – start testing more images and see if you can increase the click through rates for your campaigns. Then once your done that, start testing other things like your ad copy, headline, exc.

You have to realize that even though doing these things seems insignificant – all these small changes added up can give you a massive amount of results when you put them all together over a period of time. Also, if you are thinking about the fact that it is going to be a lot of work – so is your competition.

And the one thing you can do to beat everyone else out is do what they are not willing to do. And in this case it is test ads and ad copy to increase the traffic and conversions.

The bottom line is that this traffic source is hear to stay and it works if you simply take the time and make it work. This could be the source your looking for to take your business to the next level.

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