The 2 Step Strategy For Going From “0″ Visitors To Thousands

The other day I spend 2 hours in the torcher chamber (dental chair) getting a deep filling put in a tooth…

Not fun!

But you know what is worse?

It was my own fault…

2 years ago the dentist showed me on an x-ray that I had a cavity in that tooth and it was going to get really bad very soon. His advise was to come back ASAP and get the problem fixed while it was still very small.

Did I listen?


But during those 2 years I brushed everyday and flossed everyday (sort of)…

Did it fix the problem?



Because I was not dealing with the root of the problem.

The problem was the fact that my tooth needed to be fixed because it had decay in it and it was getting worse by the day.

But I focused on brushing and flossing in the hopes that it would get better – which it did not.

The point of this?

Right now you got a problem —>> You need to build your internet business to the next level.

But you keep focusing on things that will not directly help BUT are good ideas.

Brushing and flossing was a good thing – it was keeping all my other teeth healthy. However, I never dealt with the root of the problem and therefore it just kept getting worse.

Make sense?

Here’s The 2 Foundational Strategies You MUST Have In Place To Get Thousands Of Visitors…

You are spending all your time focusing on tactics and are not dealing with the root of your internet business problem.

So here is the 2 root strategies you must have in place if you want to succeed FASTER…

#1 – Market Strategy:

In all the years of helping people build internet businesses as well as all the time I have spent building my own – I can tell you this…

90% of every single person I have ever come in contact with via a strategy session, coaching student, blog reader or product customer is in the WRONG MARKET.

If you are not in the right market that makes sense for YOU —> you will never, ever succeed.

So stop following the herd into markets that look sexy just because you think there is going to be big money in it.

(Here’s A Video I Created That Shows You How To Find The BEST Market)

The bottom line is this —> You MUST be in a market that matches your budget, skill level & ideal lifestyle goals.

#2 – The Starting Traffic Source Strategy:

Here’s what most people do when they want to start scaling up their traffic —> They figure out which traffic source EVERYONE ELSE is using and they start using it too.

That’s about the dumbest thing you can do & your credit card statement will be a reflection of this.

Every market is going to be different in terms of which traffic source you start with.

Ideally you want to be using ALL the sources in your market, but when you start out – you need to use the right entry source which will give you the best chance of success in that market.

Perfect Example: Right now “Solo Mailings” are hot. Everyone seems to be doing them in the “make money” markets.

That’s fine if you can make money from them – but what you have to realize is that this traffic source is not going to work very well outside of the “make money” niche market.

So you need to start with the source in the market you are in that makes sense for that market. Some markets the “beachhead” source is going to be Facebook PPC, others it will be Bing Ads & others it might be Google Adwords, exc…

SIDENOTE: Just because you see someone in your market using a traffic source does not mean you need to start with it. You have no idea if they are succeeding or failing. Any idiot can rack up a credit card and look smart for a while.

So make sure you use the right “beachhead” source that you think is going to give you the best chance of success when starting out within that market.

Then once you have entered the right market & have the right starting traffic source, you can take some of your profits and start diversifying onto other traffic sources “snowball” your success!

Sound like a good plan?

Now get to work…

If you feel that you are ready to step up to the next level, stop trying to figure it all out on your own and make sure you don’t go around the calender another year without seeing some success — click here now

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To your success,

Jason Nyback

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